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A Way of Life (Atlus Kitajoh Remix)

Shoji Meguro

Track #13 from the album Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Original Soundtrack

 Main Author's Notes

It's always a hard choice but, if I had to choose among all the Dancing games on which one is the best, I'd go with Persona 3, out of the 3 games, I believe this one has the better remixes, in the case of Persona 3, it borrows a little bit from the P3 FES and P3P, which might be a little bit of cheating, but in this case, the songs they took from P3P particularily, well, they couldn't have made better choices with those, and this song is actually one of those examples. Originally serving as the map navigation music theme for the female protagonist, in this case the remix from Kitajoh is just absolutely amazing, actually I find Kitajoh remixes to be quite enjoyable, and they are present in all the games from this series, similarily as the one for Heartbeat, Heartbreak, in this song comes Aigis (included as well in my favorite female Persona series characters) to do some dancing in the in-game cinematic, the theme of this song is a bit, well, it has many things, on one hand you have that it talks about someone trying hard, but in the it ends up bad, and there's no starting over, maybe that's the reason the person in this song tries to find a new way of life, deep inside the mind and believing in some words as some phrases in the song actually say. I'm wishing very hard that, in the potential Persona 3 remake, it would be great if they put the journey, the answer, and leave the option to select either a female or male protagonist, and of course adding the upgrade in gameplay and graphic to go more in line with the Persona 5 mechanics, if that happens, internet will go surely down, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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