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Ain't That Enough

Teenage Fanclub

Track #2 from the album Songs from Northern Britain

 Main Author's Notes

The lead single of “Northern Britain”, “Ain’t That Enough” is another undisputed highlight of the band’s career – and a very strong contender for my favorite TFC song (yeah I know I’ve been saying it on almost every song, but they’re all just so good!). Paste Magazine has named it the best TFC song, so I’ll let them do the talking: “Ain’t That Enough” is a masterwork of ’90s electric guitar tone, a clinic on melody making and harmony singing, and a lesson about optimizing our limited time here on Earth, all wrapped up into one. Listen to this song on headphones and let the voices pour into your ears. Listen to the strummed strings churn straight up into heaven. Nod in appreciation as Love asks, “Here is a sunrise. Ain’t that enough?” Indeed, “Ain’t That Enough” is an ecstatic exhale of a song bathed in sunlight, and it’s the very best song in one of the very best catalogs of recorded music ever created.


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    October 15, 2017
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