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Alone Again


Track #3 from the album Tooth and Nail

 Main Author's Notes

Dokken - Alone Again with full multitracks. Enjoy!
If you find problems with this please let me know so I can work towards making this, and other customs, better.
V2 05-06-2019[list]
[*]Fixed vocal tubes that were too long
[*]Fixed drums overdrive
[*]Fixed unison phrases
V3 08-04-2019[list]
[*]Revamped to reduce vocal tube length and tweak the pitch.
[*]Fixed Magma config to truly reflect that this has multi-tracks. Now missing a note will silence the track as designed.
[*]Guitar and bass were revamped to fix tubes that were too short to be used for the whammy bar.
[*]Fixed guitar solo(s) that were sloppy and poorly designed.
[*]Fixed many instances of overdrive and added unison phrases.
[*]Added tambourine percussion section for vocals.
[*]Removed HARM2 as it was too short to be enjoyable.


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    October 1, 2018
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