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Bruce Springsteen

Track #4 from the album Born to Run

 Main Author's Notes

ATTENTION: This is my favorite custom of all the ones I've ever done. In fact, I believe that's why I started charting - I wanted "Backstreets" in the game. In a way, all the 200 songs I was involved in so far, were leading to this. It was one of the first songs I've charted and released - drums only. Getting it full band was the dream - but there was always one major obstacle, namely Roy Bittan. That piano part was way beyond the level I could transcribe, and with no midis on the net either, this task was too tough. Enter ejthedj - who did an absolutely magnificent work on the keys here, and thanks to him, my dream custom is finally a reality. So thanks so much! This song is so special to me. I've seen Bruce Springsteen live twice, in 2016. Traditionally, people bring signs to Bruce shows with songs they'd like to hear - which Bruce collects during the show and play. My sign request was "Backstreets". First show it was ignored in favor of other signs. Second show it wasn't picked either, and I was getting desperate. Bruce came close, and I held the sign high to make sure he sees it. Now, what happened next was a split second and might have been completely my imagination. But I thought Bruce looked at me for a second, nodded and moved on. Nothing else happened, so I figured I was imagining things. The set ended, the band returned for an encore - and it opened with this song. Might have been a complete coincidence, but my wish was granted! And the performance was amazing. So to the song itself... "Backstreets" is definitely one of the most intense pieces of music Springsteen have ever released. An heartbreaking story of a broken friendship, disappointment and betrayal. It starts with a beautiful piano introduction by Roy Bittan, before the full band kicks in. The band's performance is so intense, that even though a full section was recorded, it was ultimately cut because Bruce felt it takes away from the band's performance. It then proceeds to one of the greatest key changes in rock's history, changing from G to A for the devastating and heartbreaking bridge, before going back to G for a big guitar solo. The song concludes with an epic buildup, with Bruce frantically repeating "Hiding on the backstreets", before ending with a rousing, huge climax. It's just a legendary song, any Bruce fan will tell you. Easily among the best song he has written in his lifetime, a career highlight and an amazing moment in rock's music history. I'm so glad to finally release it.


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    October 23, 2015
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