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Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Track #1 from the album Naruto Shippuden OP 19

 Main Author's Notes

Some weeks back when I got to revisit the After Dark song, I ended up getting the motivation and little push I needed to get to work into this song, which actually was on the ones I considered from this band but at that time I ended up working on After Dark, well, another epic Asian Kung-Fu Generation, considering they showed at the very beginning of Naruto with the equally epic Haruka Kanata song, it was so good to see them back on this franchise for the end of the same, it felt like going full circle here, whenever they're up for a song these guys normally deliver on the highest of notes and of course this one is no exception, a very intense and emotional tune that goes perfectly for the stakes and last leg of Naruto's story, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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