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Track #1 from the album Burn the Witch ED

 Main Author's Notes

Inspired by Bleach's return, that made me think about this song from Burn the Witch, I gotta say that Taito-sensei is very good at assembling and designing interesting set of characters and definitely, the world building, and that was very much confirmed with Burn the Witch, it's technically an extension of Bleach, but it has its own thing going around and it's very charming and alluring, I sure hope we get to see more from this franchise in the future because it has a lot of potential, and the idea of making a crossover kind of event with the Bleach folks, is just something to get nerdgasmic sensations going through one's body, so, coming back to the song, we have a soft and soothing melody interpreted by NiL, the song talks about someone that apparently is trying to reach someone, missing someone, mentioning a lot about riding the winds, flying, and things like that in order to get to this person, and the voice of this lady is very powerful, all those elements are enough to grab your attention and get immersed into this tune, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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