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Bokura no


Track #1 from the album Boku no Hero Academia S6 OP2

 Main Author's Notes

After I finally did my catch up with my pending Boku no Hero Academia episodes, there was the cour change when last year finished, so as always, I was eager to see what new songs would be there, it's always exciting to see, either returning or known artists to deliver new material or, discover or get to know a new artist/band/group, this time we got the return of Eve, which is absolutely great to see them more frequently on the anime scene, what we got this time is a rock inspirational song, that dwelve on the current stuff that My Hero Academia is currently presenting with the beginning of the final arc, manga is about to finish and with the pace they've had over the years, probably, next season will be the last for Boku no Hero, but anyway, so, if you've seen it up to this point, this is a low time for the heroes, people distrust in them has begun to increase and the future seems unclear, the song says many thing like when you're lost, in a world tainted in black and white only, crying in desperation and hopelessness, those are the moments when we need our heroes the most, to bring hope and shed light in the darkeness, never leaving anyone alone, even if that may seem meddlesome, to go anywhere and no matter how many times for someone, that's what heroes do and that's what this song is about, backed up by some incredible music and yet another emotional and great vocal performance to get pumped up and motivated. I really could watch forever that Midoriya Spider-man-like black whip swinging while he escapes from Lady Nagant sniper shots, as the sequence finishes with the latter cold and despective downward look but at the same time, with an alluring and sexy expression in my opinion, and let's not say that her big... guns are also very much presented here, I'm really excited to see that encounter in animation format, and it's acually beginning today, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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