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Catch You Catch Me

Megumi Hinata

Track #1 from the album Cardcaptor Sakura OP

 Main Author's Notes

New Version Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initial counting was added, one significant change here is that the overdrive layout was slightly modified, this was done to have better unisons along with the vocals, however, for most of the part it remains the same structure, another important change is that, this song had a 2/4 measure before the final choruses part of the song, which in the original version I completely ignored, but once again, my miracles made this work somehow, however, it is now as it should be, also, the rallenting effect at the end of the song is better done this time. Instrumental-wise, there were only minor adjustments, fixes and improvements for drums, bass and keys/pro-keys, guitar was the one that received a little bit more of update, specially on the solo, which is better charted this time, along with this only minor adjustments done on other sections. Vocal-wise, I did some minor adjustments, one significant change is that, this time I joined what I originally left in the previous version as two individual phrases into one, these phrases are the ones for the Datte... datte and Onegai... onegai, this time I also added a percussion part on the second intermission of the song where the guitar solo takes place, also, I had to change the preview video of the song as it looks like the last one was removed since I don't know when, and that's about it, I couldn't be more excited with the news about Clear Card coming back the next year, I can barely hold my excitement, anyway, keep having fun, over and out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Description: Original Description: Well, this is the song that particularly for men that are anime fans, is the one that should be sung aloud without fear to demonstrate proper manhood, jokes aside, one of the most cheesy yet just too overflowingly cute love songs in history that specially for people from the 90s and 2000s generation, it's one that we hold very dearly and tenderly in our hearts, the kind of song that transcends history and become timeless no matter the age you live in, I guess this anime is 90% of the reasons that people became fans of CLAMP and/or got interested in shoujo overall, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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