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Catch You Catch Me

Megumi Hinata

Track #1 from the album Cardcaptor Sakura OP

 Main Author's Notes

New Version Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instrumental-wise there is no change on all the instruments except for a little touch on drums at the very beginning of the song but it's pretty much the same. Vocal-wise, the usual upgrade on the phrases and words lenght for a better experience. Finally, the preview of the song was added and that's about it, with that being said I guess this will be the final version of the song, I don't think there is something else to review here. When I tested this song with the vocal revision I was surprised that on my first attempt I actually got gold stars, I guess the little shoujo fan-girl inside of me made it possible, however, I felt a little bit bad because when I did the same for the spanish version (which is my mother tongue) I only managed to get 5 stars, happens sometimes, meanwhile we need to wait for news regarding the Clear Card continuation, my guess is that it will be announced as soon as the manga is over, considering it's already in the endgame, so not much chapters to go I think. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Description: Well, this is the song that particularly for men that are anime fans, is the one that should be sung aloud without fear to demostrate proper manhood, jokes aside, one of the most cheesy yet just too overflowingly cute love songs in history that specially for people from the 90s and 2000s generation is kept in our hearts quite tenderly, the kind of song that trascends history and become timeless no matter the age you live in, I guess this anime is 90% of the reasons that poeple became fans of CLAMP and/or got interested in shoujo overall, hope you enjoy.

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    April 16, 2022
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