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Chaos ga Kiwamaru

Unison Square Garden

Track #1 from the album Blue Lock OP

 Main Author's Notes

Something I gotta say on this one first is that, probably I should have marked this one as a 2x bass but, technically speaking you leave that note only if, you chart the bass pedal as it should sound, even if it is like a gattling gun firing, I did lower the punch on some sections, so it's not a real bass pedal one but, it might still give the impression that it's a 2x one but in real life, it's way more difficult on the bass pedal. Alright so, going back to the song itself, normally Unison Square Garden is a band that likes to go all-out on their performances, so what do you get when they decide to name one of their songs after Chaos? Well, a maddeningly and dementially beautiful chaos, and on this one Mr. Takao takes that very seriously to the point that this makes Sugar Song and Bitter Step look like a walk on the park, the theme of the song goes along with the topics that Blue Lock develop such as the search for the personal ego, discovering new sensations, depending on the instincs and your inner beast to make yourself better in order to be the best striker in the world, I really liked the change of approach to the regular sport anime story that normally relies on bulding the team, the power of friendship and such that, of course when done right you will get an amazing story, but on this one, it's more a personal and individual story, although everyone is "playing" as a team, they're at the same time fighting against each other, so that's pretty cool. On the World Cup Japan played very good which made us think for a moment that the Blue Lock project was actually real, it was hilarious, but well, in the end they were defeated, but still left a great impression with their game style, and beating 2 world champions nonetheless, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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