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City Girl

Kevin Shields

Track #1 from the album Lost In Translation

 Main Author's Notes

The first song off the "Lost in Translation" soundtrack: City Girl. We open with a fade in on the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the big city and all of the fun stuff. We then get a drum fill and the guitar(s) and super airy vocals entre. The crux of the song sounds like something that could have come off of My Bloody Valentine's “Loveless”, the guitar tones are rich and layered, although not as “wide” as stuff off of "Loveless". The drums play off the vocals and guitar parts. There’s something I wanted to point out that I think is very interesting. They didn’t use a metronome while recording this song. At the beginning of the song, the tempo is something around 100-101, and slowly increases over time, but by the end of the song the tempo is about 107-108, bordering on 109. It’s very subtle of course, but I’m super glad that they did the song this way as it creates a level of “humanity” that is kind of emblematic of the movie as a whole. I also think that there is too much reliance on technology to “perfect” music, I’ve talked about this before, and as a drummer, the clear lack of a click track or “quantization” is something I appreciate.


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    October 18, 2015
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