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Dealer - Spanish Rose


Track #1 from the album Inner Secrets

 Main Author's Notes

Only two of the tracks from Inner Secrets were not released as singles.  The album was quite a success, but it did contain the usual debris, two songs that were, well, duds, and not worth pushing as singles.  One of these was Dealer/Spanish Rose.
This is a pretty strange evaluation, because, to me, this is the best song on the album.  The work combines two songs, Dealer, a minor Traffic hit from 1967, and Spanish Rose, an instrumental written by Carlos.  At one point, in Spanish Rose, Carlos Santana, with his guitar, and Chris Rhyne, on keys, duel each other.  That back-and-forth is brilliant.  I also love the way the two songs are melded together.  Musical genius.  If you are even a casual Santana fan, you have to try this song out. 
AJFOne23 did the drum chart.
I put a little pressure on AJ for this one - told him I wanted to release it in three weeks.  He got it to me the next morning!


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    October 11, 2015
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