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Track #1 from the album Kakkou no Iinazuke OP 2

 Main Author's Notes

If someone told me there was a song that was musical in style at heart with touches of country, jazz and funk elements, I would've regarded that as kind of something unconventional, however, hearing this actually being performed by sumika, it's just something that leaves you speechless, you won't be able to believe how they actually make this combination work so so well, some weeks back I had piled up a little bit of backlog on my Kakkou no Iinazuke episodes, among those there was the switch on songs because of the second cour, so when I finally caught up I felt so terribly bad for being missing on this for so long. So, the style of the song is as I mentioned initially, one of those that compel you to move, where you can't stay put by any reason, the first time I heard the chorus of this song I thought, this sounds like a Broadway musical song (the same even says Do the Dancing with you/who), to my surprise, the actual video of this song is musical-themed, very fun and awesome decision, and just when I thought I had found a new great band to follow up, it turned out I had already heard these guys before, they're behind the equally great Fiction song from Wotakoi, knowing that, it wasn't a surprise anymore that this song was so much fun, upbeat and fantastic. The chorus sequence in the anime OP is just so funny and interesting because you have a background that is a mix of the colors of the eggs seen across the animation, each representing a character and obviously meaning the mixed feelings of Nagi about which girl he should choose, then, the way the girls and him circle around counter clock-wise closing to each other as if they were in a musical, on the final rotations the girls switch positions in the order as if to express more indecision, all of that while Nagi holds a expression in bewilderment is just so, how can I say, glittering, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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