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Heartbeat, Heartbreak (\qNEVER MORE\q P4D-EDIT ver.)

Shoji Meguro

Track #28 from the album Persona 4: Dancing All Night Original Soundtrack

 Main Author's Notes

Persona 4 was the game where the idea of a Dancing spin-off first originated, who could've thought at the time that you could make a music and rhythm game out of a RPG franchise that normally dwelves with serious stories? Well, one of the main reasons is of course, because they had great, great music they can take from to make the remixes from all the games, later P3 and P5 followed the same suit and it became as well a tradition that, as long as there are new Persona games, there will be a Dancing spin-off game accordingly eventually, so, Persona 4 has some great tunes, although personally I think the soundtrack of this one is kind-of the weakest link among Persona 3,4 and 5 (matter of taste), from the Persona 4 soundtrack, this tune is among my favorites and this remix particularily, well, it took the song to some incredible and amazing heights in my opinion, and adding to that, in the game you get to play this song with Yukiko as the main dancer (which is in my list of favorite female characters in all the Persona games), that was the icing on the cake. As the very name of the song implies, this is a sad love story song, basically, someone that was rejected and left behind while the other person moved on with someone else, and yet the rejected person still longs for the other one, and hence the heart pounding, and heartbreaking in the song, it might be a little bit of strech but, probably this might relate to the actual master mind in this Persona game, technically speaking, it all began because of a rejection, kind-of, well in any case this remix of this song is just fantastic. After uploading the song I realized the site at least couldn't display the " symbols which are represented by the \q but in-game I have seen they display ok, so no need to worry, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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