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Track #1 from the album Kekkai Sensen OP

 Main Author's Notes

After deciding to work on Souvenir, the next song for this batch was instantly determined, since this had come to Bump of Chicken, it was just the right time to summon another one of their epic songs, the one that serves for the Kekkai Sensen first season OP, when this song starts playing out during the final sequence of that first season's last episode, it's a moment that send chills to your spine and that fills you with excitement, a song that dwelves on the lyrics on Leo's struggles, the feeling of being lost and hopeless, but at the same time and due to the circumstances, in need to stand up and fight for something that wasn't his choice entirely, and adding to that the guilt he feels towards his sister's condition, I cannot express enough the level of epicness it feels when singing this song, something that I particularily enjoyed quite a lot, even more now that it can be done on band format. I gotta say that in my still young career as a custom maker, this has been one of the trickiest songs I have seen in terms of tempo, there where some things here and there that made me despair sometimes but, this song was just too amazing to give up, and actually I learned some good stuff here, my advice to you is, if you're making a custom and have a song on those where the band decides to eat up a little bit of the measure, or want to pull some signature change tricks, let's say that your new best friends for most of the time will be either 3/4 or 6/8 time signatures (hope I had known this before, where I had to use other tricks of my own where I was somehow able to make it work), anyway, hope you enjoy.

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