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I Know It's Over

The Smiths

Track #3 from the album The Queen Is Dead

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Custom by Yaniv297
Venue and Dryvox by Capn Kris.

One of the most devastating and bleakest Smiths songs, “I Know It’s Over” is a huge centerpiece of the album, and the Smiths catalog in general. A beautiful ballad that builds up to an amazing climax, this song includes arguably the best vocals of Morrissey’s career - Johnny Marr said watching him perform it was “one of the highlights of his life” - and enough space for all the instruments to shine, especially the drums get pretty epic near the end. On top of that, the lyrics are incredibly sad, while Morrissey laments his loneliness while watching his love gets married to someone else (even though a lot of the lyrics are open to interpretations), while the image of his love taunts him (“if you’re so clever, why you’re on your own tonight?”), and arrives at a heartbreaking and strangely comforting conclusion. All in all, it’s quite possibly the biggest ballad of Morrissey’s life, and an absolute Smiths tour-de-force. 


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    October 15, 2017
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