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I Wish

Ai Maeda

Track #1 from the album Digimon Adventure ED

 Main Author's Notes

Another one from the nostalgic vault and how it could not be, when this worked so well as the ending for the original Digimon Adventure anime, if having an already epic and memorable OP song wasn't already enough (and it's never enough), the ED sung by none other than one of the very DigiDestined herself, Ai Maeda comes up to deliver a fantastic and lovely singing, in this case we have a hopeful song that as the very name of the song implies, it's a desire, hoping for a better tomorrow, a tomorrow that today won't be able to erase as one of the very phrases in the song actually says, and that's why we should be passoniate about the present, to cherish what we have, experience new things and I guess just ultimately hope for the best and be optimistic, try to see the things on the bright side along your life, I'm sure the DigiDestined probably had thoughts like this that motivated them to keep struggling and moving over the course of their adventure in the DigiWorld. Ultimately this is another one of the songs that particularily the alpha males shouldn't be afraid to sing aloud before the audiences, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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