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Into My Arms

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Track #1 from the album The Boatman's Call

 Main Author's Notes

This romantic piano ballad has become one of Nick’s signature songs, and for a very good reason. Those lovely, romantic and unforgettable lyrics speak for themselves: “I don't believe in an interventionist God/But I know, darling, that you do/But if I did, I would kneel down and ask Him/Not to intervene when it came to you”. It’s one of those truly special songs, and it’s successful for a very good reason. It might not be an ideal fit for RB - it doesn’t have guitar or drums - but as a song it was too big to pass up. And besides, it’s an absolute delight on pro keys, the bass is surprisingly entertaining, and if you’re really good try singing and playing keys at the same time - it’s just a gorgeous thing.


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    October 15, 2017
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