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Jinsei, Easy?


Track #1 from the album Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun OP

 Main Author's Notes

I gotta say this anime was a great jackpot, what normally is a win-win situation in terms of trying something new, in this case ended up in a win at the forth power, the first thing is that I found out a great anime, a fantastic light novel series (I even got myself some of the books), secondly, a great animation studio in Project No. 9 (relatively new but with some beautifully animes done already), in third place, this was the first anime where I heard and got to know Ikumi Hasegawa which became a seiyuu I follow up and since Tomozaki-kun she has landed some interesting roles, and last but not least, a new idol group to follow up in DIALOGUE+, this song ties with this story's themes and is esentially, kind of like a video game song, very much as Tomozaki-kun thinks at the beginning, the song initial phrases are like life is boring, everything is unfair and then it turns into that's how life is, we need to struggle from time to time in order to win, gain experience points, defeat big bosses and ultimately do the best we can, to challenge the present and make the best of our time, just as Aoi tells Tomozaki-kun, you cannot hate the game just because you're bad at it, specially life, which is the hardest and most difficult game we have to play, I really got invested after that phrase, very inspirational and with a cool game vibe. And if that wasn't enough we have some cute and lovely performances by the DIALOGUE+ girls supported by a quite complex and interesting music arrangement, I was surprised with this until I found out that Mr. Tomoya Tabuchi from Unison Square Garden is kind of producer of this group and you can definitely see their soul and influence in the music, absolutely fantastic, cannot wait for Tomozaki-kun's second season, hopefully it might get out this year, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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