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Just Like Honey

The Jesus And Mary Chain

Track #1 from the album Psychocandy

 Main Author's Notes

The last song off the "Lost in Translation" soundtrack, and possibly the first shoegaze song ever? Definitely from one of the first shoegaze bands out there. (Again, possibly the first?) It’s a great and very simple song, but those guitar tones. They sound really loud, like you can almost hear the rattling of the amps or something. All the guitar(s) take up the mid to top end, so the bass guitar is still able to punch thorough will a simple and effective bass line that matches the rhythm of the bass drum.

The song builds and builds with the iconic guitar line which leads into the “Just Like Honey” refrain. And at that moment the song kind of hits a reset, where we are taken back to the start of the tune, but with that refrain going. Elements are brought back into the mix; we even get some female background sings carrying the refrain as well. It all builds and builds again until the final chord. It’s almost hypnotic in nature, but that’s kind of the shoegaze genre in general. For those of you who have seen the movie, this is the song that plays in the final moments of the film, before it fades to the credits.


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    October 18, 2015
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