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Keep On Loving You

The Sheepdogs

Track #1 from the album No Simple Thing

 Main Author's Notes

The rock and roll sons of Saskatchewan, Canada, are back with their first track in over three years. On the heels of their six studio albums, The Sheepdogs served up their early bid for song of the summer consideration, “Keep On Loving You”.

Of the new music, Ewan says “Recording together during the pandemic was like finding a life raft after floating in the ocean for 90 days. We were itching to play music and above all else some human interaction. We missed the brotherly spirit us the five of us have when we get together to jam. I hope folks get a lift from ‘Keep on Loving You.’ In times of trouble or sadness, we can find comfort and solace in what is my personal holy trinity: family, friends and rock ‘n roll.”


Part of the Canada Day 2021 Event

7/1/2021 - v1 uploaded


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