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Kimi no Sei

The Peggies

Track #1 from the album Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai OP

 Main Author's Notes

The Peggies are an awesome band and oh these ladies do know how to rock the socks off from the masses, their style and music is so good that it was very heartbreaking when recently they announced that they would be taking some time off from the music biz, maybe that was what ended up inspiring me to bring out one of their many masterpieces, I knew this band before but for some reason I lost track of them, it was a couple of years back when the first season of KanoKari aired that I re-encountered them and remembered, there's other place I heard them before, that was what made me go into the Aobuta anime and oh what a great decision that was, I think because I'm a big fan of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu I found this one very likeable and relatable, I mean, supernatural stuff that is based on quantum physics and theories but at the same time romantic comedy material, it may sound as a weird combination and the name of the series might be silly but you gotta believe me, everything has a good reason and this works so fantastically great. Kimi no Sei is a song that I think it's pretty much sung from the perspective of the girls Asuzagawa has encountered as part of this story and how the girls literally tell him that it's because of him that their lives started changing, showing a side they decided to keep away, saying something they wouldn't have said in other circumstance, going where they wouldn't have gone before and so, all because of our Aobuta Yarou-kun. I cannot express how much delight I felt when it was recently announced that Aobuta will be back next year for a new season, we the fans were starting to lose the hope for that, since the movie came out on 2019 but it's finally here so I can barely hold my excitement, and just when VIZ had finally released the new novels that go right after where the movie left up, so I'm wondering if I should read them or wait for this new season, hard choice, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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