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Koko de iki wo Shite


Track #1 from the album Tokyo Revengers ED

 Main Author's Notes

Back when the first season of Tokyo Revengers aired on 2021, needless to say, I enjoyed it a lot, and one of the reasons behind that, was because of the great selection of music for this anime, on one hand you have a dramatic and epic opening in Cry Baby, and if that wasn't already enough, then on the other hand, this song showed up, a jazzy song with funk touches exploring themes that fit perfectly for the story, this song could be sung from Hina's perspective, with a sorrowful and longing vibe along with phrases like I've been smiling with you since forever, I can go by only walking with you and your sweaty shirt, to things like take me away, love me, you will always be my hero, and eill's voice, oh my, what a beautiful voice and incredible performance she provides for this tune, the ED sequence is absolutely great but I gotta say that the beginning of the chorus on the part where Hina is sinking in the time ocean while the years keep coming and going is a brilliant scene, funny thing is I tried to look out for my year of birth but unfortunately it doesn't show up (maybe I didn't look good enough, probably), another cool thing is the actual video of this song where eill is able to exert successfully and effortlessly her sexy aura along with a kind-of detectivesque type of video, very awesome, it's because of songs like this that it's going to be quite hard to get jazz out from my favorite music genres of all time, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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