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Kurae! Telepathy


Track #1 from the album Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko! OP

 Main Author's Notes

When I was looking out for the winter animes to check out, this was one of those that got my attention, to begin with, romcoms is normally a genre I like to follow, so this one seemed promising, and in the end it actually has been quite enjoyable, a funny and heart-warming story backed up with great characters, lovely girls and cool boys with great voices behind them and, of course, fantastic music behind of this as well, this song is one a very good example of that, this song is a fast paced one and I think it can be said that this one is sung from Tomo-chan's perspective, the song essentially dwelves on what could be Tomo-chan's thoughts regarding Jun, how hopeless she feels when no matter how hard she tries, she cannot get Jun to acknowledge her as s potetial romantic partner, how she has all those feeling bottled-up, and despite the urge to tell them, there is a part of her that is kind of afraid and would prefer to have their relationship as it currently stands, quite understandable, but well in the end, Tomo-chan wants to go out with him, to let all those thoughts and secrets out, in order to become a couple, that's pretty much what Maharajan explains in this song with their lyrics and funny and playful music arrangement, a song that is very fun to play and you could say, it's almost like you can hear Tomo and Jun, or even Misuzu, Carol or the rest of the gang in the background, I gotta say that on the OP I really love the sequence where Goma switches from following the girls to go with Tanabe and Misaki as they happily react to that, that was very funny and cool, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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