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LAST DINOSAUR (Fool on Cool Version)

The Pillows

Track #10 from the album FLCL Progressigve/Alternative OST

 Main Author's Notes

The Pillows should be kept forever in the vault with the holiest and most sacred treasures of humanity, an awesome band that has been rocking its way out since the 2000's and that has served as influence and inspiration for many bands, this is another example of a match made in heaven, I guess pretty much as myself many people got introduced to this superb band thanks to FLCL, and of course, it's hard to picture FLCL without The Pillows music mellowing in the background, this one is one of my favorites and, it's not exactly a melancholic or overly depressive song, but it has a vibe of sadness with it, and actually that's the main topic around this song, this can be a song about someone kind of enjoying that sadness, wanting to be alone, or maybe coping with the same, our human nature normally dictates that we need to interact with people to have a healthy personal development but there are times when we need to be alone, think about things and look in hindsight, I think that's what this song tried to convey in an amazing way, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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