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Mass Destruction

Shoji Meguro

Track #16 from the album Persona 3 Original Soundtrack

 Main Author's Notes

From the modern era Persona games came the first battle theme that featured a kind-of rap song (performed superbly as usual by Lotus juice) backed with some very interesting and catchy choruses, as some memes say, this was the only and effective way you could include the word baby in a song and make it inspire respect, and of course, rock the masses along the way, this song refers to the Mass Destruction as the one that the shadows do, and in Persona 3 paricularily (but actually in all of the Persona titles) this is the main focus in the game, to fight the shadows and the song basically says things like always stay alert, show no mercy, and throw the fear out of yourself to fight and overcome the shadows, as your're basically the only group that can do it to save the world, since then, it became a tradition in Persona games to have fighting themes featuring vocal performances, and I gotta say that was a decision that abolutely paid off. I wasn't exactly sure on the gender of the performer in this one, probably it should be male since Lotus juice is feature more but the other chorus done by the other lady is also there, so since there are more songs on average sung by men I decided to leave it as a female main lead. It's just a matter of time (hopefully) for the remake of P3 to be announced, which will be mind-blowing definitely, so I will probably need to come back to another version of both this one and Kimi no Kioku, there will surely be new arrangements for those songs, can't wait for that, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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