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VerseQuence ft. Hatsune Miku

Track #2 from the album Melody

 Main Author's Notes

The word "Versequence" is literally a combination of the words verse and sequence,
representing the combination of words and melody,
or the combination of story and song.

By the way, someone oldie friend is using Vocaloid for their only fun,
He tell me that on the Vocaloid 4 there's a demo song using the software,
"Melody" is the demo song of the software, it was something weird and shocked me
i hearing it first time, when this "Hatsune Miku" sings, that was awesome for me,
'Oh Goodness, "She's singing a 'Tagalog'"...
But the demo is the English Version of the software and
The Original song is "Tagalog"
Thanks, Res-

[June 23, 2022]

Wrong Lyrics fixed
I"m to I'm then
my capitalized to My
Vocal Pitch notes updated
Fixed same with Phase Shift and Clone Hero

[June 21, 2022]

First Release

Clone Hero Added
Guitar, Bass, GHL, Rhythm, Drums Pro, Keys, Lyrics

Phase Shift Added
Guitar, Bass, Rhythm, Drums Pro, Keys, Lyrics

Please, download the chart that your game was to wish to play,
Every game has a differences, Clone Hero has a Guitar Hero Live version,
with complete standards with Open Notes and Tap Notes
and the Lyrics display is just like the Karaoke and
Phase Shift is just like Clone Hero with difference.
PS had a Pro Parts which Clone Hero does'nt had.

There's a another version of this song is Tagalog,
You can download it.


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    December 29, 2019
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