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Macaroni Empitsu

Track #1 from the album Dai no Daibouken (2020) ED

 Main Author's Notes

Maybe I got a little bit melancholic now that the Dai no Daibouken remake is reaching its concusion this weekend, so that inspired me to go back to the roots, the beginning of the adventure for both Dai and myself, when I was younger I got to see only random episodes from the OG Dai no Daibouken, but never got to watch it propely, this time now that I have seen the remake, I finally understood why this series is still loved after all those years and why it normally shows up on the lists for best shounens of all time, an epic story, exciting fights, inspirational speeches, likeable characters, a wholesome series overall, and despite Toei's recent record of hit and miss animations I gottat say this one had a very good level of animation, something that made me remember the lovely and epic Toei of the 90s era. This is the song I referred to in the Hoshi ga Oyogu notes which left a strong impression in me, just from the 20 seconds of introduction my attention was already grabbed, and for a moment I sweared they were The Pillows, I thought, good to see them back for something not FLCL related, of course when Hattori started to sing it was obvious they were not The Pillows, but it still left me thinking, they're not them, but oh their style is so, so good, and that was what made me get invested in them, the song is a slow-paced one, melancholic and sad, that basically tells the dilemma of how fate chooses people and why someone cannot live something as a normal person, but despite the differences, there are things won't change no matter who you are. Sad to see this one go but there's no time for tears, talking about remakes Urusei Yatsura started gorgeously beautiful last week, and next year there is Rurouni Kenshin and Shaman King Flowers (I guess?), exciting times ahead, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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