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Neon Knights

Black Sabbath

Track #1 from the album Heaven And Hell

 Main Author's Notes

Neon Knights was the last song written by the band for the Heaven and Hell album. It was quickly written and recorded at Studio Ferber in Paris during January 1980 simply to fill time on the album’s first side. The lyrics were written by Ronnie James Dio. It is the only song on Heaven and Hell to definitely feature songwriting input from bassist Geezer Butler, the band’s main lyricist during the Ozzy Osbourne era. Butler was absent for most of the songwriting process due personal issues as well as his own uncertainty as to whether he wanted to remain in the band. Dio occasionally performed the song during their live shows. The venue and date of the live version of “Children of the Sea” is not specified. The song reached #22 on the UK charts, but failed to chart in the US or anywhere else. Crazy Canuck has a drum only version in the Database already so make sure to grab the one labelled SomeOldGuys in the Other Versions section for a full band rewrite! We have also added a Clone Hero full band version


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    April 19, 2013
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