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Ningyo Hime

Rie Tanaka

Track #1 from the album Chobits ED 2

 Main Author's Notes

I always thought this song definitely had some serious No Doubt vibes/influences, it's hard not to think of them, specially when the guitar starts to play a specific part of this song, in that section if you changed Rie Tanaka to Gwen Stefani and told someone that didn't know about the other song, they would most likely buy the idea that this was a song from No Doubt, anyway, back to the actual song, as already mentioned, Rie Tanaka's singing in this one is just, so beautiful and lovely, and yet so sadenning and sorrowful at the same time, the appropiate song to get just in the right melancholic mood, the song explores the story of a person that is lonely looking for someone, in the end this person is able to find that someone that he/she's looking for, but at the same time, being together with this person that took a while to find is something that hurts, that is painful, the ending sequence is based on the character from the tale's book that Chi eventually run into, about, as the very song says, in this case this cartoony character that is looking for someone, and at the same time, trying to figure out the reason for its existence or purpose, and that is exactly what Chi starts to do at some point in the story, that's why she feels a connection with the character from this story in the book, a fantastic tune overall, hope you enjoy.


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