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Numbness like a ginger

Unison Square Garden

Track #1 from the album Blue Lock ED2

 Main Author's Notes

I gotta say I enjoyed Blue Lock a lot and it was no surprise this one got the announcement for a second season and a movie, it's just too good to be left like that, and apart from the interesting story, the likable characters, their developments, the music, it has been absolutely fantastic, and what is better than one song from Unison Square Garden? Well, two songs, and they decided to come back for a ED song this time around, this song is not their usual rock and crazy style but something softer and swingy, but still, they make it work so well, this song is a continuation of Isagi's journey on Blue Lock, the numbness in the title of the song, may not actually be like a numbness that renders you unable to move, but in this case, I think it's because of a sensation, like trembling with excitement, which is what Isagi's begins to realize and enjoy in the Blue Lock, the song uses phrases describing sensations, emotions to get understood by the others, to wonder what is the taste of those feelings, something that is not exactly pain or fear, but something that makes you thirsty for more, in this case, to get better at soccer, discover new strategies, plays and those kind of things to become the greatest striker ever, and well, this song conveys that in an awesome way, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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