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Oh My Lord

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

Track #7 from the album No More Shall We Part

 Main Author's Notes

“I thought I'd take a walk today/It's a mistake I sometimes make”. Those two lines send shivers down the spine of thousands of Nick Cave fans around the globe. “Oh My Lord” is not one of his most well known song, but it’s very much a fan favorite. This 7 minutes epic is definitely the most ambitious choice of this pack, but something we’ve had to accomplish. “Oh My Lord” is a nightmarish epic, that might or might not be about a drug trip gone wrong. It has multiple verses, each one bigger than the previous, and way too many quotable lines to list here. It’s one of Cave’s most nightmarish, and best, epics, and just a phenomenal song - that also works great in Rock Band.


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    October 15, 2017
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