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Rain Dogs

Tom Waits

Track #10 from the album Rain Dogs

 Main Author's Notes

Many thanks to Kloporte for charting that keys opening! I would literally never be able to do this custom without him. The phrase “Rain Dogs” refers to dogs, who can’t find their way back home after the rain has washed away their urine and it’s smell. But for Waits, “Rain Dogs” is an umbrella term for everyone he’s singing about: in his own words, “people who sleep in doorways. People who don’t have credit cards. People who don’t have eh, y'know, a mortgage, y'know? People who… are going down the road eh, y'know?”. Musically, it’s a brilliant upbeat track, with groovy drums, phenomenal rhythm guitar by the legendary Marc Ribot (who we’ll meet again in this pack), and a great chorus. Just another classic by Waits. 


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    October 15, 2017
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