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Reckless Serenade

Arctic Monkeys

Track #8 from the album Suck it and See

 Main Author's Notes

Another song which is easy to figure out what the topic is about, and in this case this one is about someone admiring the unparalleled beauty of a person, someone so captivating that even topless models and twinkling vixens pale in comparison, the type of person that sets the mood and is impossible to go unnoticed, and it's somewhat funny that, this song could also tell that, whenever you try to visualize one person like that, you start getting kind of delusional in terms of hoping this person to be with you, as one phrase in the song says, when she walks her footstep sing, a reckless serenade, so, it may sound as if unintentionally, the girl is trying to seduce the other person when it's clearly not, that's the idea I think this could song could be trying to convey, and of course in return, you begin to sing as well a reckless serenade, probably not with the end you may hope, but at the same time, you cannot stop thinking about that other person due to the captivating aura that is exerted, an interesting situation that we may have experimented ourselves more than once, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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