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Rocket Brothers


Track #1 from the album Zitilites

 Main Author's Notes

It has been quite a while since I released a batch of something not anime related, I came to realize that I tend to get more motivated to work on anime stuff than other things as of late, however, from time to time I think of the other songs I would like to make and this time I got the inspiration to work on something in english. Coming back to this song, my goodness, this one, from the classic stuff from Kashmir, is a serious heavy hitter, a song with strong and powerful emotion and sadness that can you make you cry like a little baby or cry the whole river depending on how much you get connected or can relate to this song, what is clear for this one in the end is that sometimes it's hard to hold the tears while you watch the video and/or hear the epic performance from Kashmir. This one talks about, of course, brotherhood, but also about oblivion and distacing, and how that can affect the way we live our lifes, not getting every time a tragic fallout like in the video in real life, but the thing is that during our life, and as we grow up, we start to get into our own path, sometimes our family or friends won't be able to follow the same path, as they have their own paths as well, that may hurt, but it's something we cannot avoid, that's how life is and for that we should always cherish the moments, our family, friends and everything as a whole, because we don't know when everything may change, as the very song says, specially for things that were not written in our cards, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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