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Tatsuya Kitani

Track #1 from the album Bleach: Sennen Kessen-Hen OP

 Main Author's Notes

Bleach's comeback was a big surprise considering the anime was "finished" several years back so, I guess most of us had already given up on the idea of ever seeing the rest of the anime adapted, and that's when the miracle happened and Bleach's 20th anniversary made this possible, and actually, it was also the reunion of the big three in anime format since a while as well, since we had One Piece and Boruto, and then Bleach joining back one more time. Coming back to the song itself, I hadn't heard anything from Tatsuya Kitani before this one and I gotta say that I like his style, in this case providing a song that talks, as the very name implies, about scars, how they remain with us, how they're a testimony of our decisions sometimes, our pain, and also, they can become something that can help us move forward, if you have seen this first part of the Sennen Kessen arc, you will understand that there have been several scars here on these battles, some new ones, and others that re-opened, it's interesting that Pierrot is a studio that, similar as Toei, it's kind of a hit or miss as of late, they can deliver something great when they want, but if they don't feel like it, they deliver horrors to make our eyes bleed, but on this comeback and so far, it has been pretty awesome and at the level Bleach absolutely deserves, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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