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Seishun Complex

Kessoku Band

Track #1 from the album Bocchi the Rock! OP

 Main Author's Notes

New Version Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, the other day as I was wathcing some videos on youtube, I eneded up watching one for a drum cover of this song, it was actually great and it gave me a little bit of insight to check out on some parts of this song, and since I was already going to check because of that I took a look overall and found the following stuff. First thing is that specifically for drums and guitar, which are the most difficult instruments in this song, I added an overdrive bar for those, and also I moved an overdrive section for the guitar, the one that is at the beginning of the song, and which is the first one to appear, to somewhere way easier to hit, before Bocchi-chan starts to get in the groove, instrumental-wise, the only instrument that remained unchanged was the bass, as mentioned on the drums I updated some little bits and, one major change is that, originally for the chorus I left a more streamlined hi-hat rhythm, however, when checking further and on average, it seems that the rhythm was actually different, so, for the chorus section on the drums, it was updated to go accordingly. On the guitar there were also some little tweaks on some sections, where I felt the rhytm was not going according to the chart but apart from that it's mostly the same, and finally, on vocal side, there were a little bit of mistakes on the verse tone pattern, which I actually found out is mostly the same for all those phrases with the exception of only a few phrases, just a little bit of tweaks and that was all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Description: I guess it's pretty much a given that whenever there is an anime that is centered or has a band as an element of its narrative, you can almost know that the music is going to be awesome, there are examples like Beck, Sakamichi no Apollon, Fuuka, K-On! among many others, the latest one of this trend comes in the lovely Bocchi the Rock!, a story where our cutely nicknamed Bocchi is an introvert and gloomy but also, genius guitarrist aiming to get into a band, the topic of this song is actually discussed in one of the episodes when Bocchi mentions that she has what she refers to a Seishun Complex (Complex of Youth), that is like her way to describe her social awkwardness, then she is comically asked to work on the lyrics for the songs of this newly formed Kessoku Band to what she reluctantly agrees because she mentions that it could be a bad idea as she would only write about depressive and gloomy emo stuff, then one of the other members tells her that it's better to write something she feels and is comfortable with instead of writing something mainstream, and then adds the remark that it actually would be funnier to have someone like the band lead singer with a brigt and outgoing personality, to sing depressive stuff, and well that it's what this is song is, a cheerfully gloomy but also motivational and inspiring, an amazing song overall, and let's not forget that the one singing is Ikumi Hasegawa here so oh what a feast for my ears that is, the music here is just incredible so it's almost a given that I will come back for more Kessoku Band stuff, they're absolutely delightful and their style definitely rocks, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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