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Sookie Sookie


Track #1 from the album Steppenwolf

 Main Author's Notes

Sookie Sookie is the first song off the very first album from Steppenwolf, and one of the three singles released off that debut.
This is a fun song, and fun to play, and a song that most of you have probably heard.  Not their best song, or even the best song on their first album, but I like it, and I like it in game mode.
One interesting point about the song:  The song changes key mid-way through.  This seems to be a Steppenwolf trick.  I first noticed it charting Monster, but ascribed that to the fact that Monster was really three smaller songs put together into one long set.  But Sookie is one simple song, yet changes speed and key.  It reminded me of the Beach Boys - raise the tempo, raise the pitch, and finish big.  Steppenwolf, even with their very first song, played fascinating music.


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    October 11, 2015
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