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Special K


Track #3 from the album Black Market Music

 Main Author's Notes

Putting this one officially up since I can publish again...

This one comes from an album that had its 20th anniversary last year, Black Market Music. I was never really into Placebo when they were at their height of freshness, but going back and listening, they have produced just some really excellent music and I’ve enjoyed being able to experience it for the first time so many years later. on top of which, their sound has held up extremely well for putting that much time in between.

This song could be considered the literal interpretation of the drug Ketamine, with the recreational name being Special K, but lead singer and songwriter Brian Molko described it as, “a song about that feeling you get in your stomach when you look across a crowded room and you fall hopelessly in love. And that’s the beginning of the end.” But I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that one as this song mirrors the singer’s life with his heavy drug use during this time period (he claims to be clean today). However, the beauty of music is it’s absolutely open to interpretation, so if you take away another meeting from this song, all the power to you.

Aside from its lyrical drive, this song is a gem for rock band with fast moving drums, fun guitar maneuvers, and quick vocal shifts that require good timing. It’s fun on every instrument and I’ve probably under-tiered the difficulty for guitar and drums, but let’s just say they are at the top top of their declared tier.

So enough talk, it’s time to get to downloading and playing this one.


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    July 2, 2017
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