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Special Needs


Track #8 from the album Sleeping with Ghosts

 Main Author's Notes

I'm not exacly a big Placebo fan but I gotta say that when I was a teeneger and MTV was the cool thing (and when the channel was actually about, well, sharing and getting people to know music and bands, however I think that have started to go back to the cool way it used to be) one time I got to hear this one over some program they had at the time and since then it left me a good impression, at the end of the day this one introduced me to Placebo and I got to find out that they have some good material. The song may have several meanings, depending on your way of thinking, but I stick with the one that says that this song is about like youth, trying to remember the kind of things that you did when you were young, what were the kind of sucker's or obscene dreams you had, it can be either that or, the actual title, special needs, may refer that in this case, a person may require something kind of special to get by on the every day, this might mean, another person, maybe it's in the form of an addiction, anyway that is up for each person to decide I think. When I was thinking of another song to complete the Kashmir song's I remembered this song and found it to be a nice fit in here, anyway, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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