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The Pillows

Track #14 from the album FLCL Progressigve/Alternative OST

 Main Author's Notes

When FLCL Progressive and Alternative aired, I was particularily hooked by this song which served as the ending for Alternative, very much as the name suggest, this one took a different direction in terms of story considering the type of story that we saw on the OG FLCL and the Progressive part which was like a kind of -continuation-, trying to keep the links with the original, so, I think this was something that was put in use as well when deciding the lyrics for this song, it pretty much tells about a classic topic, as we grow older we tend to look back and long for those days when we hanged out with our friends, when we didn't have any care for what happened in the world, sometimes we thought they were great, others not so much, but still they are part of our own, and it's better to acknowledge them so we can keep on, I think FLCL was trying to tell us to let go of its past history, and try to enjoy the new stuff, and actually talking about new stuff, I got to know a few days back that it was actually announced some months back a couple of sequels for FLCL which will be Grunge and Shoegaze for next year, so of course I'm up for those, and if that wasn't enough, that also guarantees new The Pillows songs which is absolutely great, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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