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Suck it and See

Arctic Monkeys

Track #11 from the album Suck it and See

 Main Author's Notes

I remember the kind-of controversy that was generated when this album got out, some people, as usual got offended because the title of the album, and this song, was actually a little bit naughty and that could be interpreted in a lewd/bad way, but in fact, the song has a more simple meaning which is, to try something and then see, as some people say, don't judge something before experimenting it, so that's what this song tries to convey, you may like it or not, but at least go through it before making your opinion. Going to the actual song, well, this is a pretty obvious love song, and what was previously explained about the context of the song, here it refers to trying to love someone, at some point the song says, suck it and see, you never know (you might not like it, but you probably might as well), sit next to me before I go, I guess this pretty much explains what the song is about and of course, in the same there are many phrases referring to love, someone pouring an aching heart into a pop song, a skirt that's like a sawn-off shotgun, that someone's got a face that just says baby I was made to break your heart, and several things like that, so, essentially, a song about someone aiming for someone's love, and asking to try it out, to see if it could work out, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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