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Sultans of Swing - Live

Dire Straits

Track #6 from the album Alchemy

 Main Author's Notes

A real treat this week. This is a full chart of the Alchemy version of Sultans of Swing. For guitarists, wow! Possibly the greatest live guitar solo of all time. I have a lot of history with this chart. It originated as a Guitar only Frets on Fire chart, written by Puppetz, and I converted that to Rock Band very early in my charting days. Great fun, but, as was typical in those days, over-charted. I have wanted to clean up the guitar and chart the other instruments for years. Finally, I collaborated with MrBurpler, and we finished the song (MB did drums, a cleaner audio track, and some minor fixes). Great, great song, and a must-have for any guitarist or drummer playing our game. But, beware, this one is incredibly hard!


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    October 11, 2015
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