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Surfing the Warm Industry


Track #2 from the album Zitilites

 Main Author's Notes

When I was younger, I found fascinating whenever in music videos, bands opted for things like the one in this video, something cartoony that, despite knowing that behind that facade of something "childish", there was something with a deeper meaning behind, this applies for videos like this one, Radiohead's Paranoid Android, Pearl Jam's Do the Evolution or Rocket Brothers from Kashmir as well, that was until Gorillaz and Daft Punk took that to a whole new level but anyway, on this one, Kashmir presents a song that goes in crescendo, from quiet to head banging while it describes the boredom and corruption, things that, if you're already an employee as part of a company or have worked before, you will understand the kind of stuff that Kashmir presents here, from the aforementioned company corruption and power struggle, to that feeling that we sometimes get of boredom, that our rutine becomes mechanic and maybe meaningless, something that get us tired, all of that is presented here in the form of a very interesting song backed up with a great video as well, and of course, the song is absolutey kickass at expressing that, and just before I forget, at the end of the song it may look like a long wait before the song cuts but just remember that there is a little bit of instrumental outro after the main band finish their stuff, of course this is to preserve the whole of the song as it is, something funny is that for both this one and Rocket Brothers, the singing person actually needs to wait like 1/4 of the song after completing all the phrases, hope you enjoy.


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