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Home Made Kazoku

Track #1 from the album Bleach ED 2

 Main Author's Notes

Home Made Kazoku sings their way out with proper feeling and style that only the 2000's rap was able to grant, a song to refresh, cleanse, ease and soothe your soul with a gorgeous melody and beautiful lyrics with a great message that in summary says to always be grateful to every person that helps you make the individual you currently are, the importance of supporting each other, talking to understand each other, that no one is alone and there will always be someone to reach out to you when you need it. Despite being a positive song it also has a kind of melancholic and nostalgic feel, it could probably be seen as a song to think about in hindsight, remember the good and bad moments, that in the end lead your way to the present. I'm kind of gearing up as well for Bleach's last anime arc which I guess most of us from the fans had already given up on the idea to ever see it, the manga finished 6 years ago and the anime around the same time, until the anniversary came up to bring justice to this franchise and made us recover a little bit of faith in humanity, eagerly awaiting for that, less than 2 months to go. Before I forget, I marked the song as unpitched vocals but fair warning, as I did on Dr. Stone's LIFE, there are a few phrases which I thought were not that complicated and packs more feeling to be sung on actual pitch but the song is indeed for most of the part on unpitched fashion due to the rap coolness rhaphsody, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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