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Thank you, my twilight (Fool on Cool Version)

The Pillows

Track #13 from the album FLCL Progressigve/Alternative OST

 Main Author's Notes

This song, is one of those that hits very, very hard on an emotional and epic way, without any need to dwelve into the lyrics, it's pretty easy to feel from the melody itself that sadness, pain and feel, this one talks about someone that yearns and is waiting for someone, but at the same time, it may seem that this person is waiting in vain, as it's not something that could be fullfilled, so as one part of the lyrics say, even if the miracle doesn't happen, there will still be gratitude and afection towards that someone (or maybe something), I really love one of the phrases at the beginning that says that, the eyes of this person, are those where I would like to reflect, seen from the perspective of a romantic relationship, probably we have all faced this kind of longing about someone, generating an expectation, but unfortunately, it can't go well everytime, and that kind of experience is something that is translated beautifully into this song, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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