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The Calling (Ft. Eric Clapton)


Track #13 from the album Supernatural

 Main Author's Notes

In late February, of 1999, at the Grammy's, Eric Clapton suggested to Santana that the two collaborate on a song. Santana was already working on a new album, called Supernatural. The two made a song together, and it appeared as the last track on that album. Well, actually, that last track had a bonus - after the Clapton/Santana song ended, a new song started up, Day of Celebration. In later releases of Supernatural, Day of Celebration appeared as a separate track. The Clapton/Santana track was, of course, The Calling. One of the best Santana releases ever. At the next Grammy - Supernatural won eight Grammy's, tying the record for most ever by a group. This is the last of my Santana charts, and a fitting way to end.


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    October 11, 2015
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