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Porno Graffitti

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This is the song that is the first opening to the hit anime, My Hero Academia (or Bokono Hero Academia). This song is extremely fun to play on every part so I recommend giving it a shot. Huge thanks to GhostByob for charting the solo vocals. Version 2 This is a major Update (most of it is due to the fact that it now wasn't rushed like it was on the initial release) so the file path has changed for it fully (sorry) that said here is what is different Proper Venue and Animations as thanks to GhostByob Non Automated Reductions as thanks to GhostByob Minor updates to Drums as thanks to GhostByob Updates to the Harmonies chart and the Keyboard charts done by me (PikedPike) Also the Major Thing, this song is now part of the J-Rock Project that GhostByob is running and has a Phase shift file compiled by her. We both hope that you all enjoy this improved version of this chart.

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