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The Hellcat SpangledShalalala

Arctic Monkeys

Track #4 from the album Suck it and See

 Main Author's Notes

New Version Notes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This one I gotta say, needed a revision on the vocal side and it was quite a chore to adjust them, long story short, if you have tried doing customs before, let's say that sometimes you might see the lyrics and tones ok and according to the tempo on the editor but, when played they will still display kind of sooner than they should, and this is one example of that, hopefully this doesn't always happen but when it does it becomes quite a pain, some incorrect tones were fixed and some tone sliders were added here and there, on instruments side not much of a change except on drums where I changed some bits specially on the last part of the song, tempo map was adjusted too, it wasn't exactly horror-like as in Thunderstorms but just some parts towards the end felt a little bit off and specially on the end it is now adjusted to achieve the sensation of ralentization better, overdrive layout was slightly fixed, on this one I think only bass was able to achieve gold stars on the original version but drums and guitar were not, so this is fixed to be able to achieve it, the song preview was added and that's about. Simlarly as in Thunderstorms, you can leave a comment if you want the file with the correct name, otherwise you can just use this one and it will work fine either way. With that said, this is officially the final version of the song and I don't think it will require further adjustments.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Original Description: A song where the heart of the same lies primarly on the bass, however, the guitar does it work as well and adds a further layer to this dream song, similarly as in She's Thunderstorms, the incorrect name was due to the issues and my misunderstandings on the accounts on C3, hope you enjoy.


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    April 16, 2022
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