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The Last In Line


Track #2 from the album The Last In Line

 Main Author's Notes

The Last in Line" is the third single released by heavy metal band Dio, appearing on their platinum-certified LP of the same name. It was Dio's only song to hit the Top 10 of Billboard's Album Rock Tracks.

Unlike the band's first two singles, this song was not released as a single in the UK, but rather in the Netherlands and Spain. There is also an alternate version in the Netherlands sold only at the Pinkpop '84 festival on June 11, 1984. The sleeve of this release was the same as the band's previous single, "Rainbow in the Dark", with the Pinkpop logo in the corner.

This chart was originally done by JRabes for either Frets or CH, not sure which, and it was an excellent chart. We did make some minor alterations to it but for the most part, it is JRabes chart.


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